Is It Safe To Live Near A 5G Tower?

August 27, 2021
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is 5G safe
Many people who are familiar with 5G towers and radiation are often concerned about staying at a safe distance from them.
Make sure to read this post to learn more about how safe it is to live near a 5G tower and what you can do if you find yourself living too close to one.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Mobile Tower Radiation?

Network towers are constructed to improve the signal reception of our phones as well as to facilitate various types of wireless communication. Sadly, good reception and a strong signal come at the expense of radiation.
The higher your radiation exposure is the closer you are to the source — the cell tower.
A number of countries have already taken steps to keep cell towers out of residential areas, schools, hospitals, and recreational spaces.

Radiation has been linked to major alterations in an organism’s health, according to studies. Dairy cows living near cell towers, for example, generate less milk, according to one study. Within days of being transported to a location away from radiation sources, their milk output returned to normal. However, when they were placed near cell towers again, their milk output dropped again.

Human studies have also been carried out. People who live near active cell towers had low levels of melatonin and serotonin, according to a study done in 2007. This is significant because those hormones play an important role in the immune system, mood management, and sleep regulation.

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The experiment was carried out both before and after the cell towers were turned on.
The subjects’ hormone levels were normal before the cell towers were activated, according to the findings.
Other research acquired information from persons who lived at varied distances from cell towers.
A total of 530 people were involved in the study, comprising 260 women and 270 men.
The purpose was to learn more about the link between their proximity to cell towers and reports of bodily pain.
Finally, those who resided near cell tower base stations suffered more frequent and acute bouts of weariness and headaches, according to the findings.

How Far Away From a Cell Tower Should You Be?

The best thing you can do as a first line of defense is to look for neighboring cell sites.
Keep in mind that some cell towers are hidden under smaller units and might be found in unexpected areas.
Once you’ve located them, utilize a map to estimate the exact distance between them and where you live and work.

You’re probably safe if you can find mobile towers that are at least 400 meters away.
Remember, the safe distance from a cell phone tower is not an absolutely determined value. The intensity of radiation is influenced by a number of factors. As a rule of thumb, everybody within a 150-meter radius could be at risk. And if the tower is more than 400 meters away, this could result in poor coverage and signal drops.

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